Star Tribune Article: 2 Crystal cops question forced leaves

Here is a link to an August 4th, 2013 Star Tribune Article, 2 Crystal Cops Question Forced Leaves.  The Crystal City Council will be discussing these officers leave tonight at a closed work session immediately following the Crystal City Council meeting.  I am hoping for some answers and information from the city, which we have not really received.  I would like to see an investigation by an outside law enforcement agency into these matters.

Website: Justice for Crystal Cops Alan Watt and Rob Erkenbrack

Here is a website of interest to the people of Crystal, Justice for Crystal Cops Alan Watt and Rob Erkenbrack.  And if you are planning on coming to the rally on August 5th, this will give you some more background.

And here is a blog post, Ethics in Law Enforcement, written by retired Minneapolis cop Michael Quinn, author of Walking With the Devil, an ethics book for cops, about the situation faced by Sgt. Erkenbrack and Ofc. Watt.


Rally for Crystal Cops on August 5th, 2013

There is a rally and support planned for Crystal cops on August 5th, 2013 at 6 PM at Crystal City Hall.  You can see more information at the Facebook group JUSTICE FOR CRYSTAL COPS ERKENBRACK AND WATT.  Please go to that page to see more information and come to the August 5th rally and Crystal City Council meeting.

Here is the flyer from the Facebook page:

Watt and Erkenbrack August 5 Rally Flyer(1)


Water Restrictions Lifted for Crystal, Golden Valley, and New Hope

Attached Photo: Crews repair the 36-inch water main that supplies water to one of the reservoirs for the Joint Water Commission Cities of Crystal, Golden Valley, and New Hope.

Water Restrictions Lifted For Crystal, Golden Valley and New Hope
Golden Valley, Minn. – Effective today, July 3, the Joint Water Commission (JWC) of Crystal, Golden Valley and New Hope is lifting all water use restrictions implemented following a June 22 water main break on a 36-inch-diameter pipe that serves the JWC’s reservoir in Crystal.

The break on the 36-inch water main occurred in Robbinsdale, creating a large sinkhole. Crews have completed repairs to the water main, and the Crystal reservoir is now back in use. With reservoirs in Golden Valley and Crystal both fully operational, the JWC system is capable of supplying water to its customers, including peak demand of summer water uses such as lawn irrigation, etc.

The JWC purchases wholesale water from the city of Minneapolis for distribution to customers in the cities of Crystal, Golden Valley and  New Hope. It has been in existence since the early 1960s. The JWC thanks Hennepin County, and the cities of Robbinsdale and Brooklyn Center for their assistance in responding to the water main break.



Cheryl Weiler | Communications Manager | City of Golden Valley7800 Golden Valley Road | Golden Valley, MN 55427 | 763-593-8004 | 763-593-8109 (Fax)
763-593-3968 (TTY) |

Crystal Friday Market Opener

Crystal Friday Market opened yesterday, Friday, June 28th at 3 PM.  It ran until 7 PM.  It was in the south parking lot of the Crystal Community Center.  There was one vendor, but next Friday there should be 5.  This event will run every Friday from 3-7 PM through October.  What a success!  People kept coming constantly!  And what beautiful, fresh, local food!  I think this is the beginning of a wonderful new tradition in Crystal!

A Farmer’s Market in Crysal

I have been working with some people over the past year to bring a farmer’s market to Crystal.  This is finally becoming a reality!  This Friday, June 28th will be the first farmer’s market in Crytsal!  It will be at the Crystal Community Center parking lot from 4-7 PM.

As it is just beginning, it will be small.  But, this is something that I think the citizens of Crystal will embrace and it will grow over time.  I am excited to add this to our Crystal Community!

Here is an article in this week’s SunPost.