Minneapolis city council passes new urban agriculture text amendments

The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota recently passed a new urban agriculture text amendment. It now allows the people of Minneapolis to grow food for profit within the city of Minneapolis!  It also allows them to sell the food directly from their property  for 15 days per year.  These are such exciting new amendments! I think that this should not just happen in Minneapolis, but that the surrounding suburbs would do well to follow in their footsteps.  This would bring about more food produced locally.

Local food production would have environmental benefits.  It would help reduce fossil fuel transportation costs, it would help build our local soil and keep yard wastes on site as growers would benefit from composting to improve their growing medium, and it would foster a sense of connection with our food as neighbors could know and see where their food is coming from.

It also would have an economic benefit to our community.  At a time when we still have a high unemployment level, this would provide an additional way that people could earn income.  The money being spent on local food would stay within our local community to be spent again, instead of being spent on food from distant producers.

I strongly support bringing these kind of urban agriculture initiatives to Crystal, Minnesota.  I believe that the residents of Crystal should be able to produce food to sell for profit if they desire to do so.  This being said, I do believe in regulations similar to the city of Minneapolis, to balance this out with the rights of their neighbors.

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