Earthfest at Brooklyn Center High School – Saturday April 14th, 2012

I attended the Earthfest on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at the Brooklyn Center High School.  Will Steger was the keynote speaker at noon.  Will was introduced by Keith Ellison, who said this was his first appearance in Brooklyn Center as it had just recently been redistricted out of the 3rd congressional district and into the 5th (represented now by Keith Ellison).  Will Steger’s presentation was very inspriring and scary.    He talked about his explorations and had film and photos of his artic expeditions.  He has done so many incredible things and gone places that no one on the planet has ever been to.  I can’t even imagine trying to live in the harsh climate of the artic regions for as long as he was there.  He had many images of large ice caps and glaciers from past exhibitions, and then more current satellite images of those same caps and glaciers being open water now.  The sheer size of the ice that has melted and the amount of ice is very troubling.

The Earthfest exhibits started after Will Steger’s presentation.  There were a lot of vendors present at the event.  The organizers anticipated 800-1000 visitors to the Earthfest.  I believe they got somewhere around that number of people, as there were a lot of people there.  I stayed the whole time, as there were so many interesting people to talk to.  I stopped at the Green Party table for awhile and talked with the members there.  I met some new members and talked about my campaign for City Council in Crystal.  I talked for a little while with people stopping at the table.  Then I went over to talk to Will Steger and to tell him how inspirational his message was.  One of the volunteers from the Will Steger foundation took my photo with Will!

There was a lot of information from all the tables.  I was so happy to see how many people participated in an event like this and to see this kind of attendance on a beautiful spring day.  The interest in environmental issues is definitely growing in the metro area, and I was so pleased to see this firsthand at this event.  I look forward to more successful events like this in the future and joining with Brooklyn Center for this event and other things in the future.  I have so much pride in the Northwest suburbs of Minneapolis. This is such a wonderful place!

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