My address to the Crystal City Council to adopt the sample resolution against corporate personhood.

I attended the April 17th, 2012 Crystal City Council meeting to address the City Council during the open forum.  I prepared in advance to speak about the supreme court ruling in 2010, Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission, the ruling that says corporations are people and money is speech. has a lot of good information on their website and has been trying to get people all over the country to stand up and take action and be informed about this ruling that impacts our democracy and political elections in so many negative ways. has sample resolutions on their website.  I printed out a resolution and brought it to the Crystal City Council.  I asked them to support this resolution and join in with the other city councils around the nation in taking this stand against the supreme court’s ruling.

The Crystal City Council meetings are filmed by Northwest Community Access TV and are uploaded to the City of Crystal website, so all residents can view the meetings.  You  can see the video footage of me addressing the council at and go to the “jump to” drop down button and selct V1 (36) Open Forum.  I speak during this section, and then you wouldn’t have to view the hour of so of meeting before this point if you don’t want to.  The council was very open to this resolution and they sounded like they were going to place it on a future agenda and call me back.  I look forward to this and to bringing this important issue to their attention.

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