Pledge to accept NO funds from for profit or non-profit corporations or political action committees (PAC’s)

As I am working to get endorsed by the Green Party, I am making a pledge to accept NO funds from for profit or non-profit corporations or political action committees (PAC’s).  My campaign will only be funded through individuals.  This will keep me responsive to constituents and committed to my values.  I pledge that at no point in this campaign will I accept money from these types of interests.  This makes it so important that YOU contribute to my campaign.  This is my committment to run a true grassroots campaign.

I believe this is the right thing to do in politics, and is important at every level (even as small as this is – City Council matters!).  I already have to make good on this pledge and not accept money from a PAC that wants to support my campaign. supports pro-choice women candidates running at all levels.  I am a woman, and I support more women getting involved at all levels of our political system.  I am also pro-choice.  But I want to stay committed to my pledge and my Green Party values.  I don’t want any appearance of owing favors.

I will move forward to accepting an endorsement from WomenWinning, and any campaign advice they will give me, but I will not accept the money.  It is not easy to turn down money when it is being offered to you, but there are many reasons that I have decided to work for the public in politics, and trying to bring some real change to the way it is currently practiced is one of my values.  There is entirely too much money in campaigns these days.  I’d like to see more candidates commit to running this kind of a campaign and keep it about the people!  I am committed to YOU!



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