Green Party Presidential Endorsing Meeting

Me and Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein!
Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein and me!


The Green Party of Minnesota presidential endorsing meeting was this past Saturday, May 19th, 2012.  I attended in support of Dr. Jill Stein of Massachusetts.  She left the Nato protests in Chicago to come to our meeting in Minneapolis.  She spoke to us about her platform and answered questions that Greens had.  Farheen Hakeem spoke on behalf of the Roseanne Barr for president campaign, and Kent Mesplay joined us by cell phone during the presidential question answering session.

The Green candidates are all good this year, with an exciting message about change that is not being spoken by the 2 main parties.  More information can be found at the websites of Jill Stein for President, Roseanne Barr for President, and Kent Mesplay for President.   It was very exciting hearing the debates and the platforms of all the Green Party presidential candidates.  I am proud to be a Green to know that I am represented in the party by the likes of these candidates.

It was an honor to meet Jill Stein, who’s platform I support the most of the green candidates.  I was in her camp for the walking caucus at the meeting.  Jill Stein ended up getting 4 of the votes for caucus delegates, and Roseanne Barr got 3 of the votes for caucus delegates.  The Annual National Green Party meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention will be in Baltimore, MD July 12-15, 2012.

As well as hearing her speak to the group of us, and meeting her personally, I also interviewed her after the caucus.  The interview should be available in about a month or so on Northwest Community Access Television, and it will be uploaded to my website.  I’m so excited for this campaign season; for my own local campaign as well as the very articulate and wonderful national candidates that will be out talking about issues that our country desperately needs to discuss!



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