Contact me if you support my campaign and would like a sign!

My campaign has really gotten off on a good start.  I’m working hard to get my message out to  local residents.  I have been door-knocking and flyering (with lots more to come!).  I want the residents of Crystal to know that I have a lot of energy and enthusiasm to put into the council.  I really care about our community.  I live here, I’m raising my kids here;  there’s nothing more important than making the place we live a good, safe, vibrant place to live.

With the primary coming fast on August 14th, 2012, I need my message to get out fast.  I count on your support to help me get through, and I know I can count of the residents of the City of Crystal to help me out.  I am one of you.  I am the candidate who will be here to truly listen to you and advocate on the City Council to get the voice of the residents heard.  This has been one theme that I’ve been hearing as I’ve been out talking to my neighbors, that the city has not been responsive to the needs and concerns of the people in Crystal.  I would like to try to change this and make the City Council and the city employees listen to residents and have a better forum to hear and respond to these views.

I would like to see a lot of my yard signs out in the community, supporting a new direction and energy, in our City Council.  Help me to make a real change and bring our voice to the City Council!  E-mail me at or call me at 763-670-2721 if you would like a sign in your front yard!

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