Beekeeping class and apiary tour in Minneapolis

I had the chance to take an intro to Beekeeping class, presented by The BeezKneez in Minneapolis.  We were able to tour a working apiary on an urban farm in Minneapolis and get in close to see the bees.  We were in protective beekeeper suits of course.  I even got to hold a frame of bees!  It probably held 300-400 bees on it while I was holding it!  The bees were very docile and it was a wonderful experience!

I would support allowing apiaries within the City of Crystal.  These bees provided a valuable pollinating function on this urban farm, produced wonderful local honey for sale, and help to assist honey bee populations which have been in decline throughout the U.S. recently.  And all of this is invigorating the economy of Minneapolis through urban agriculture as this company operates throughout the city.  What an inventive business model for these Minneapolis citizens!

I'm holding the bee hive frame with hundreds of bees!




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