Demonstration at 42nd and Douglas to demand city investigate police misconduct in Ramirez case

It was unlike anything I’ve seen in Crystal.  A protest on the corner of 42nd and Douglas.  See Sun Post story here.  It looked like something you’d see in Minneapolis, but I’ve never seen it here before.  Communities United Against Police Brutality organized the protest in defense of the Ramirez family, who 4 years ago while living in Crystal, had all of their possessions confiscated from them by a police officer of the Metro Gang Strike Force who came in without a warrant, and the family had no charges that were ever brought against them.  For some background about the misconduct with the Metro Gang Strike Force, see this Star Tribune Article.

The demonstrators all went to the City Council meeting at City Hall afterwards to speak in the open forum.  Here is a link to the council meeting to hear what was said by the people standing up for the Ramirez family and the council member.  You can click on Open Forum from the agenda list on the right hand side, or scroll the video to 32:15 to go directly to the Open Forum segment.

I can’t believe that this could even happen here.  How could I not stand up with them to demand an investigation with the city, who had been refusing to meet with them.  I don’t want this kind of thing to happen here.  And if it does (which it did – although it wasn’t a Crystal police officer), I want to know that the city will take this seriously and find out the details and work to make sure this kind of thing can never happen again.

Our police force in Crystal is wonderful and necessary.  But police misconduct needs to be brought to light and reprimanded when it does happen, to keep it from escalating.   Minneapolis has a history of escalating police misconduct and brutality, and it has not been kept in check.  I don’t want Crystal to head in that same direction.  The police are accountable to the citizens.  I’m glad for all they do, and I want to always remain proud of the brave men and women who serve our city.

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