Chickens all around us, and gaining support

There was just an article in the Sun Post about someone in Robbinsdale who will be permitted to have their flock of chickens roam free in their yard around the coop.  Chickens are already legal in Robbinsdale, but it is new to have a flock permitted to roam free in a yard.  They had public hearings and talked to the neighbors.  The city council approved this and the neighbors are obviously supportive.  You can see the article at this link.

The Golden Valley City Council is working on a study on whether or not they will change their codes to allow residents to have chickens.  Here is and article in the Sun Post on that.

Brooklyn Park is currently having a city conversation about backyard chickens.  You can see the article here.   Clearly, this issue is growing in popularity and spreading all over.

So many communities already allow chickens or are currently talking about it.  Crystal needs to join in this conversation and allow backyard chickens for egg production.  As I’ve been out talking to people, I find so much support on this issue (and residents who want to have chickens).  It would really bring the local food movement home and help move the residents of Crystal move towards sustainability in their own lives.

I will be a strong advocate for backyard chickens!

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