Endorsements are an important part of our political system.  It allows the voters to get a better understanding of the general philosophical principles of the individual.  We all have a moral compass that is the underlying basis of our actions.  It also shows how we can build bonds that are necessary to work others, within the structure we are running for, and within the larger system.

A main tenant of The Green Party of Minnesota is grassroots democracy and increased citizen involvement in government.  This was very important to me in deciding to run, and to run endorsed by The Green Party.  I feel the two main parties in our system have left the people, and have been mainly advocating for the interests of the powerful.

I believe it is important that we become engaged and take the direction of government back to issues that are relevant to the majority of citizens. I will be here to listen and work with you.  I believe all our views and opinions are important and should play a part in the process.  But, with these endorsements, you will also know more about me and my decision-making process on a number of issues.

Laura is formally endorsed by these organizations and individuals:

The Green Party of Minnesota

Women Winning

John Budziszewski, Crystal City Council, Section 2

Cam Gordon, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 2


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