Receptive Accessible Representation

As I’ve been door-knocking, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that the city (employees and council) needs to listen and respond to citizens better.  I’ve heard over and over that someone has called about an issue, the city never responded, and then the person just gave up and doesn’t call anymore.  This is NOT the way our city should be handling citizen calls about real issues.  I am committed towards making our city more responsive.  There is nothing more important than the people of Crystal.  I want all of us to be in this together, making the best decisions for a stronger community.

If elected to the Crystal City Council, I am committed to being there for YOU!  I want everyone to feel comfortable coming to a City Council meeting to share their concerns.  If a City Council meeting is something you cannot attend, or if you would like a more informal meeting, I am available via e-mail or phone, or to meet with you.  I want to extend an invitation to all residents of Crystal to contact me with any concerns or issues that you may have about the city.  I also want the residents of Crystal to know where I stand on issues and what’s going on with the City of Crystal.  I have this website for my campaign, but am committed to keep it going and update it’s content after the election as well.  I will also continue to blog feature about news, issues, and activities.  Please feel free to contact me either before or after the election.  I look forward to hearing from you!


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