Ranked Choice Voting

Minneapolis, Minnesota approved rank choice voting in 2006 and St Paul, Minnesota in 2009. Ranked choice voting enables voters to confidently cast their votes for their preferred candidates by ranking them as first choice, second choice, third choice, etc. If their first choice does not win a majority of votes, the votes for the second choice candidate are tallied, and then the third choice, until a candidate receives a majority of the vote.

Because Minneapolis uses ranked choice voting, the new machines are available through Hennepin County.  I think the next time we replace need to replace our voting machines is the time we should look at this.  We don’t need to incur this cost until then, but at the time when replacement is needed, it would be a good time to switch to ranked choice voting.

I would like to bring ranked choice voting to Crystal, Minnesota.  We need to start at city levels, but ranked choice voting really is stronger for us if it is adopted at the state level, and even more so at the federal level.

These are the reasons why I support ranked choice voting (courtesy of Fairvotemn.org):

  • Upholds the principle of majority rule
  • Eliminates “wasted” votes
  • Solves the “spoiler” problem and gives voters more choice
  • Increases voter participation
  • Opens the political process to new voices
  • Promotes more diverse representation
  • Reduces negative campaigning and promotes civil, issue oriented campaigns
  • Mitigates political polarization
  • Combines two elections in one so that voters only have to make one trip to the polls and taxpayers have to pay for only one election
  • Reduces the cost of campaigning

Ranked Choice Voting (a.k.a. Instant Runoff Voting) is a proven, nonpartisan reform that realizes the power of every voter and every vote. Instead of voting for one candidate, RCV lets you rank your top choices in a single trip to the polls. If your #1 choice doesn’t win, your vote isn’t wasted—it counts toward your other choices until one candidate has a majority or, in multiple-winner races, until all seats are filled. A fairer system that promotes choice and eliminates wasted votes and the “spoiler” effect, RCV allows you to vote your heart, not your fears.

Our obsolete voting system has led to gridlocked, unrepresentative, polarized and ineffective government. RCV gives voters of all political stripes more choices on the ballot—and offers more parties a real chance to express their ideas and capture votes. By giving voters more choice and candidates an incentive to reach beyond their base, we move away from political
polarization and divisive governance. Candidates and leaders are rewarded for addressing our common concerns. Courtesy of FairvoteMN.org

Click below for more information on ranked choice voting (all pdf files courtesy of FairvoteMN.org)

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Ranked Choice Voting Card from St. Paul 2011 with graphs and examples of how it works

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