Renewable Energy

Solar panels

I will bring more renewable energy initiatives to Crystal, such as installing solar panels on city buildings.  There would be costs associated with installing renewable energy solutions such as these, but these costs would be offset by energy savings in the future and would protect the city from future energy price increases.  There are rebates that I want to see Crystal apply to get that other cities throughout the metro have used to drastically reduce or even eliminate installation costs (see the video below of Edina).  I also support increasing awareness to homeowners about the costs of solar panels and the rebates available.

Here is a link to read more about Minneapolis’s solar panel initiative.  Here is a link to a video about Edina’s recent solar panel project on a city building.  Here is a link to an initiative in Edina to help a business install solar panels at no cost to the city.  I will work to establish partnerships with other cities so that Crystal can implement these same programs to benefit our community.

I support helping businesses in Crystal find ways to increase their use of alternative energy and become more efficient, for instance by using the model of Edina’s Emerald Energy Program that takes advantage of Property -Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) legislation, passed by the Minnesota Legislature in 2010.  There are many rebates available to homeowners to install solar panels, and the prices of the panels have decreased.  There are also Minnesota companies that produce solar panels, so it is truly a commitment to local green business.  I support increasing awareness to homeowners about the rebates and costs of solar panels.

I am open to other energy efficiency type initiatives, but I think solar is the most promising one right now for buildings and homes.

More Efficient City Vehicles

I support requiring the city to have a certain minimum gas mileage standard on all new vehicles purchased, whether for city use, police use, or other. Any initial costs would be offset by future savings.  Energy prices are projected to increase, and working on solutions for keeping these city costs down now, will save our city money in the future.


I am very open to finding and using other alternative energy options for our city.  Crystal should form an energy commission to look into what other cities are doing and finding new, sustainable, and cost-saving programs to bring to our city.

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