Strong Community: Property Values, Business, and Parks and Recreation

Crystal is a wonderful community.  I want to see us grow and prosper.  I will work to protect our property values, preserve and maintain our neighborhoods, encourage and expand home owner occupancy, and attract and retain strong local business.  These are the things that make Crystal a wonderful place to live and they will attract new residents to call this community their home!

Property Values

Property values  are protected when our city’s homes are filled and houses are being maintained.  I propose certain measures to prevent foreclosure and offset the tax losses from foreclosed properties.  Foreclosures have hit our community hard and have been a big reason for the decline of our property values.   We keep our values high when we invest in our community as well.  Maintaining our city infrastructure keeps property values high and makes Crystal an attractive place to live and do business.  I support the housing redevelopment initiatives to build new, larger homes in Crystal, but I would like to see Crystal expand to a more sustainable method of building homes, with more energy efficient options and green building practices.


I support having a strong, sustainable business community in Crystal.  Valuable services are provided to Crystal residents through the businesses that operates here.  These businesses provide jobs, create a strong local economy, and expand our tax base.  I support efforts to bring more business to Crystal, to attract and retain higher paying jobs, and to bring in more green business.  Crystal should open its own farmers’ market, closer to the southeast area of the city, to encourage shoppers from Robbinsdale, Golden Valley, and Minneapolis.  I also support urban agricultural initiatives as for-profit businesses.

I will bring solutions to Crystal to help promote and offset the cost of the installation of renewable energy sources for businesses and homeowners.

Below are links to pages that show how the City of Edina is already doing this:

Edina Emerald Energy Program

Star Tribune article about Edina’s program

Crystal Police Department

Having a strong community also means having a police department that is responsive to the residents of the city.  I support the Crystal Police Department and the hard work they do to keep our neighborhoods safe.  As a City Council member I would continue to be committed to the important work that these city employees do for us on a daily basis.

Parks and Recreation


Crystal’s parks, water bodies and green space are vital resources that make Crystal a more
attractive place to live. I support maintaining our parks, preserving our green space, and
protecting our water. I will also work to create more bicycle lanes and paths, including a trail to link Crystal to the Cedar Lake Trail in St. Louis Park, enabling bicyclists in Crystal to ride all the way into Minneapolis.


Crystal has wonderful recreations opportunities through the Crystal Recreation Department.  My children enjoy city swim lessons at Crystal Cove, activities for kids on weekends, such as the barnyard boogie, and we’re getting ready for a sports sampler class.  I know there is a lot of demand on these activities for kids, as they fill up quickly.  I would add more classes and events to meet the needs of all the residents who would like their children and young adults to participate in these activities.   One example would be to increase the amount of time for open gym for kids. Currently it is during the school year on Wednesday mornings.  There should be a weekend option as well.  Another example would be creating our own version of the Maple Maze which is at the Maple Grove Community Center.  These recreational activities, along with Crystal’s beautiful parks, add to the quality of life in our city!


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