Transportation Access and Safety

Street Safety

Traffic accidents are a major problem on our main roads.  The roads are also dangerous to cross on foot or bike.  Crystal is a family community, but our main roads are not family friendly, or motorist friendly.  The city needs to become proactive on this issue.  Options such as crosswalk markings, stopsigns, or possibly street lights at key locations could be used.  I believe the city should have a public input session on this issue for improved awareness and ideas.  Also, speeding is a problem along our residential streets.  We need real solutions to keep our neighborhoods safe.


I will advocate for the City of Crystal with the Met Council and Metro Transit to expand and update the bus system for more practical suburban routes. I would build partnerships with other cities along highways 100 and 169 to create new routes.  Having a bus system that filters into Minneapolis is outdated.  Many who live in suburbs also work in suburbs.  We need a new vision for the bus system that reflects this and can attract the average person for ridership.  Expanding the current bus routes to include north/south routes on highways 100 and 169, as well as routes that meet up with those buses for east/west routes along 694, 494, and 62 would better serve many suburban commuters.  Getting more people to take the bus to work would help reduce the gridlock that many of our highways now face.  It also is the right solution for our metro area to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and decrease carbon emissions.  Here is a link about Bus Rapid Transit.  This is what I think the suburbs need.

Bottineau Transit Line

I am excited about the Bottineau Transit Line being talked about to come through Crystal in the future.  I will work to make development plans that can capture real benefits for Crystal as it is being designed.  I support a transit station in Crystal, park and ride stations, and want to see the growth of businesses that service and assist those commuters.  Maybe this transit station could also be a park and ride for the Crystal area as well.

Bike Riding

I am also in favor of increased bike riding in Crystal.  The wider curbs on Douglas and 36th Ave. N. will increase the ease of bike riding on those streets.  I support awareness efforts for bike riding, increased bike carrying on buses so people can bike and bus, and increased recreational bike riding opportunities throughout the City of Crystal in our parks and green spaces.  I also support an increased amount of bike racks at Crystal businesses and public places to encourage people to ride bikes to more locations.


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