New Vision, Energy, and Ideas

The Crystal City Council needs new blood.  New individuals provide needed insight and unique viewpoints to invigorate and inspire new directions that the city should pursue.  I am young, but I have a lot of varied experience behind me in many different areas.  I am well-rounded with my educational achievement, various work history, and family and community service and involvement.

I also care greatly about Crystal, being a 15 year homeowner here.  I am a woman, currently a stay-at-home parent of 2 smaller children, and a parent of a child who is deaf.  I have a unique perspective that others on the council or running don’t have right now.  Women have an important role to play in the city council to balance perspectives and ways of thinking.  Being a stay-at-home parent also gives me an individual point of view of families and issues of caregivers in our community. Experience as a local realtor gives me perspective of a local business owner, and experience in research allows me to critically think about issues and data.

So often in government we are represented by lawyers, accountants, and business owners exclusively.  We need to bring everyone to the table.  We all have valuable perspectives and insight into our community.  I am excited to use my abilities to set the direction and serve the residents of Crystal!

In the other links provided you will see more about the innovative ideas I have for Crystal and my openness to looking at new ways of doing things.  My general vision for Crystal is to create a sustainable future path to make our community even stronger than it is; to save on city costs to keep our taxes down, to make the choices that will preserve and protect the important things we value about our city and our world, and to find innovative ways to achieve these goals to maintain the level of services and quality of life that we expect within a realistic city budget.


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