I pledge to not accept contributions from profit or non-profit corporations or Political Action Committees (PAC’s).  My campaign will be funded only by individuals.  By doing so, I will remain responsive to constituents and committed to my values.

It is therefore very important that individuals donate to my campaign.   You can send any amount (up to but not to exceed $300 per person) to:

Laura Libby
3726 Xenia Ave. N.
Crystal, MN 55422
Also, please include this information when you send a check or cash donation:  Your name, address, phone number, and employer.  There are state financial reporting requirements, and I will need this information about you to file with the city about donations received.  

My campaign is also in need of volunteers.  We will be doing doorknocking events through the campaign season.  We are also attending events such as Crystal Frolics.  There will be phone calling and e-mailing to be done as well. If you support the issues that I am fighting for with my campaign, please write letters to the editor of the Crystal-Robbinsdale SunPost, City Pages, or any print or web media.

The more these issues are brought to the public’s attention, the more momentum they will gain.  That is the ultimate goal of this campaign, as well as bringing the change that I envision to Crystal.  Join my grassroots campaign to help us get started.  The time for change is NOW!

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