Pride Parade in Minneapolis

I marched in the Pride Parade with the Green Party of Minnesota, 5th Congressional District on June 24th, 2012 (photos below).  I marched holding my new lawn signs for my campaign.  We also had the signs of the Green Party’s 10 Key Values.  I support diversity, and the rights of the LGBT community, as does the Green Party.

It was a wonderful day of getting out and supporting causes that I strongly believe in, such as the vote NO on the marriage amendment campaign for this fall in the State of Minnesota.  I support the rights of all people to marry who they want to, and that marriage does not have to be just between a man and a woman only.  I support love.

There were so many people out for Pride Festival this year, despite the brutal heat.  We measured the temperature at 100 degrees as we marched down Hennepin Ave.  (one of our members brought a thermometer – that pavement was HOT!).

It was an honor to be out representing my party and to be marching with them as an endorsed candidate.  Cam Gordon, Minneapolis City Council, Ward 2, and Green Party member, marched with us also.  It was a fun day with lots of sights, as Pride always is!

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Campaign kick-off party

I held a campaign kick-off party to start off the campaign season.  Fund-raising was done to start my campaign with literature and lawn signs.  I had a good turn-out of supporters and raised nearly $250 dollars at this event!

My literature is written for door-knocking and flyering and will be going to print very soon.  The lawn sign order will be placed this week.  I feel so honored to have all the support that I’ve had.  I strongly believe that the message in my campaign is the right message for Crystal!


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Mention of my campaign on Community Solutions MN website – and that I’m the only Section 1 City Council candidate with a website

My campaign is mentioned on the Community Solutions MN website and blog.  This blog post, Crystal Elections are Set, mentions all the candidates and lists their websites.  For City Council, Section 1, it mentions how I am the only candidate with a website.

I want to be open and honest with the people of Crystal.  I want you to know who I am, what I stand for, and what I’m about.  How can you do this without any information published about me?  My opponents want you to guess about who they are and what they will do.  I wish I could tell you how my platform is similar or different from my opponents, but until they release any information about their campaigns, your guess is as good as mine.

I will keep my website and blog up and running after the election.  I want to be able to get my views, city information, and issues out to you.  I want you to know what is going on and how I feel about the issues, as well as how I’m voting and what I’m proposing on the council, as things are going on.

I support street safety, not just re-striping the streets to bring us back to where we were

I support street safety.  There’s been some talk about re-striping Douglas and 36th Ave. N. back to the two lanes that they used to have, instead of keeping the new one lane system.  I think the new one lane system is a move in the right direction, but that there still needs to be a few adjustments to make them even safer and work better for everyone.

The new striping system does tend to make traffic drive slower, which is what it was supposed to do.  And even with that, I still see people speeding and trying to whip around when they want to go faster.  It also provides a much needed space for bike lanes.  It was difficult to ride bikes on the streets before the new striping, and now there is true space for a bike-rider to exist on the road along with cars.Continue reading “I support street safety, not just re-striping the streets to bring us back to where we were”

4 file to run for Crystal City Council, Section 1

The filing period was open from May 22nd through June 5th, 2012.  3 other people have filed in this race along with me:  Dave Anderson, Guy Mueller, and David Gasparrini.  You can see all who filed for all offices this year at the City of Crystal’s website.  This will be an interesting election.  There will be a primary on August 14th, 2012.  I will need to have a good showing in the primary to move on.  So, it will be time to get information out soon.  I have a lot planned for July.  I can use more volunteers and donations, so if you support my campaign and have time or money to help, please contact me.  I did put a press release out in the Crystal Robbinsdale Sun Post to attract more visibility to my campaign.  I look forward to meeting many more people in Crystal and finding out how I can help serve the city.  I would love for you to tell me what you would like to see done in the city.  I want to be out listening to citizens as much as talking about what I see for the city.

Green Party Presidential Endorsing Meeting

Me and Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein!
Green Party Presidential Candidate Dr. Jill Stein and me!


The Green Party of Minnesota presidential endorsing meeting was this past Saturday, May 19th, 2012.  I attended in support of Dr. Jill Stein of Massachusetts.  She left the Nato protests in Chicago to come to our meeting in Minneapolis.  She spoke to us about her platform and answered questions that Greens had.  Farheen Hakeem spoke on behalf of the Roseanne Barr for president campaign, and Kent Mesplay joined us by cell phone during the presidential question answering session.

The Green candidates are all good this year, with an exciting message about change that is not being spoken by the 2 main parties.  More information can be found at the websites of Jill Stein for President, Roseanne Barr for President, and Kent Mesplay for President.   It was very exciting hearing the debates and the platforms of all the Green Party presidential candidates.  I am proud to be a Green to know that I am represented in the party by the likes of these candidates.

It was an honor to meet Jill Stein, who’s platform I support the most of the green candidates.  I was in her camp for the walking caucus at the meeting.  Jill Stein ended up getting 4 of the votes for caucus delegates, and Roseanne Barr got 3 of the votes for caucus delegates.  The Annual National Green Party meeting and Presidential Nominating Convention will be in Baltimore, MD July 12-15, 2012.

As well as hearing her speak to the group of us, and meeting her personally, I also interviewed her after the caucus.  The interview should be available in about a month or so on Northwest Community Access Television, and it will be uploaded to my website.  I’m so excited for this campaign season; for my own local campaign as well as the very articulate and wonderful national candidates that will be out talking about issues that our country desperately needs to discuss!



2 Endorsements: Green Party and Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon

It is official.  My campaign is endorsed by the 5th Congressional District of the Green Party of Minnesota!   The endorsing meeting was on Thursday, May 3rd at 6 PM at the Hosmer Library in Minneapolis.  It was a unanimous vote by the members to endorse me as a Green Party candidate!  I am committed to the values of the Green Party: Grassroots Democracy, Social and Economic Justice, Ecological Wisdom, Nonviolence, Decentralization, Community-Based Economics, Feminism and Gender Equality, Respect for Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility, and Future Focus and Sustainability.  You can see these values and more information about the Green Party of Minnesota at their website.  I am excited to represent the Green Party and to bring these values to Crystal!  I am also endorsed by Minneapolis City Council member Cam Gordon.  Here is a photo of Cam and me after the endorsing meeting in Minneapolis.

Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon and Me
Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon and Me


Pledge to accept NO funds from for profit or non-profit corporations or political action committees (PAC’s)

As I am working to get endorsed by the Green Party, I am making a pledge to accept NO funds from for profit or non-profit corporations or political action committees (PAC’s).  My campaign will only be funded through individuals.  This will keep me responsive to constituents and committed to my values.  I pledge that at no point in this campaign will I accept money from these types of interests.  This makes it so important that YOU contribute to my campaign.  This is my committment to run a true grassroots campaign.

I believe this is the right thing to do in politics, and is important at every level (even as small as this is – City Council matters!).  I already have to make good on this pledge and not accept money from a PAC that wants to support my campaign. supports pro-choice women candidates running at all levels.  I am a woman, and I support more women getting involved at all levels of our political system.  I am also pro-choice.  But I want to stay committed to my pledge and my Green Party values.  I don’t want any appearance of owing favors.

I will move forward to accepting an endorsement from WomenWinning, and any campaign advice they will give me, but I will not accept the money.  It is not easy to turn down money when it is being offered to you, but there are many reasons that I have decided to work for the public in politics, and trying to bring some real change to the way it is currently practiced is one of my values.  There is entirely too much money in campaigns these days.  I’d like to see more candidates commit to running this kind of a campaign and keep it about the people!  I am committed to YOU!



Earthfest at Brooklyn Center High School – Saturday April 14th, 2012

I attended the Earthfest on Saturday April 14th, 2012 at the Brooklyn Center High School.  Will Steger was the keynote speaker at noon.  Will was introduced by Keith Ellison, who said this was his first appearance in Brooklyn Center as it had just recently been redistricted out of the 3rd congressional district and into the 5th (represented now by Keith Ellison).  Will Steger’s presentation was very inspriring and scary.    He talked about his explorations and had film and photos of his artic expeditions.  He has done so many incredible things and gone places that no one on the planet has ever been to.  I can’t even imagine trying to live in the harsh climate of the artic regions for as long as he was there.  He had many images of large ice caps and glaciers from past exhibitions, and then more current satellite images of those same caps and glaciers being open water now.  The sheer size of the ice that has melted and the amount of ice is very troubling.

The Earthfest exhibits started after Will Steger’s presentation.  There were a lot of vendors present at the event.  The organizers anticipated 800-1000 visitors to the Earthfest.  I believe they got somewhere around that number of people, as there were a lot of people there.  I stayed the whole time, as there were so many interesting people to talk to.  I stopped at the Green Party table for awhile and talked with the members there.  I met some new members and talked about my campaign for City Council in Crystal.  I talked for a little while with people stopping at the table.  Then I went over to talk to Will Steger and to tell him how inspirational his message was.  One of the volunteers from the Will Steger foundation took my photo with Will!

There was a lot of information from all the tables.  I was so happy to see how many people participated in an event like this and to see this kind of attendance on a beautiful spring day.  The interest in environmental issues is definitely growing in the metro area, and I was so pleased to see this firsthand at this event.  I look forward to more successful events like this in the future and joining with Brooklyn Center for this event and other things in the future.  I have so much pride in the Northwest suburbs of Minneapolis. This is such a wonderful place!

My address to the Crystal City Council to adopt the sample resolution against corporate personhood.

I attended the April 17th, 2012 Crystal City Council meeting to address the City Council during the open forum.  I prepared in advance to speak about the supreme court ruling in 2010, Citizens United vs. Federal Elections Commission, the ruling that says corporations are people and money is speech. has a lot of good information on their website and has been trying to get people all over the country to stand up and take action and be informed about this ruling that impacts our democracy and political elections in so many negative ways. has sample resolutions on their website.  I printed out a resolution and brought it to the Crystal City Council.  I asked them to support this resolution and join in with the other city councils around the nation in taking this stand against the supreme court’s ruling.

The Crystal City Council meetings are filmed by Northwest Community Access TV and are uploaded to the City of Crystal website, so all residents can view the meetings.  You  can see the video footage of me addressing the council at and go to the “jump to” drop down button and selct V1 (36) Open Forum.  I speak during this section, and then you wouldn’t have to view the hour of so of meeting before this point if you don’t want to.  The council was very open to this resolution and they sounded like they were going to place it on a future agenda and call me back.  I look forward to this and to bringing this important issue to their attention.