ALEC presentation sponsored by NW Neighbors for Peace

Last night I attended an educational presentation on ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) at the Ridgedale Library.  The event was sponsored by the Northwest Neighbors for Peace.  I had heard of ALEC, but was not very literate on what exactly it was.  This presentation was eye-opening, but also way too short at 2 hours.  What ALEC is, how is started, what researchers have been able to uncover about it, how it works, etc. were all covered.  I know there are a lot of blogs and people writing about ALEC now, and I’m definitely not an expert, so I won’t try to explain it in detail.Continue reading “ALEC presentation sponsored by NW Neighbors for Peace”

Minneapolis city council passes new urban agriculture text amendments

The city of Minneapolis, Minnesota recently passed a new urban agriculture text amendment. It now allows the people of Minneapolis to grow food for profit within the city of Minneapolis!  It also allows them to sell the food directly from their property  for 15 days per year.  These are such exciting new amendments! I think that this should not just happen in Minneapolis, but that the surrounding suburbs would do well to follow in their footsteps.  This would bring about more food produced locally.
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